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Rustic Art

Here it the progression of a piece of art that I created to be given as a Christmas gift for a Director.  The base of the piece was a board that was used to hole many projects over a year to be painted, stained, lacquered, oiled, varnished .... This became my starting point for inspiration, I was given a picture the asked if I could duplicate it.  Well to keep the story short I did not want to duplicate it I wanted to make it my own using all the imperfections to enhance and make this piece become truly unique and special.


Carefully selecting all the sayings, picking the right fonts then laying out the space to be engraved.  Finding the perfect colors. Then finally putting a protective finishing coat over the entire piece.


Tammy please let me know if there is anything else you want me to say this is the folder in dropbox called Rustic Art


Each word is colored by hand


Fonts chosen and Layed out THe piece is masked ad then engraved


My canvas for this piece was my work serface for the previous year


The final outcome and one happy client for a one of a kind piece




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